Lead(H)er Talks Podcast Ep.5: Bragging vs Self-promotion

In this episode of Lead(H)er Talks, Rev Dr Shannon E Karafanda and Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie discuss the difference between bragging and self-promotion. They talk about how to ensure that self-promotion is done in an authentic and meaningful way. They also offer insights on how to make sure that you are seen as a leader, […]

Lead(H)er Talks Podcast Ep.4: Growth Mindset (Part 2)

Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie and Rev Dr. Shannon Karafanda will be continuing the conversation about competition, empowerment, and success by exploring how to foster a growth mindset in an honest and healthy environment that encourages collaboration rather than competition. Our guests will discuss topics like empowering others to succeed, utilizing mutual support systems and peer […]

Lead(H)er Talks Podcast Ep.3: Growth Mindset (Part 1)

Tune in to this episode of Lead(H)er Talks for an inspiring and thought-provoking episode on Growth Mindset. Coach Elaine and Rev Dr Shannon will be discussing their incredible journeys of personal growth and development, as well as the importance of cultivating a growth mindset. We’ll explore topics like overcoming adversity and embracing challenges, the power […]

Lead(H)er Talks Podcast Ep.2: Mentoring

On this episode of Lead(H)er Talks, Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie and Rev. Dr. Shannon Karafanda discuss the power of mentoring and how it can help women in leadership reach their full potential. They will explore topics like finding a mentor, stepping into mentor roles, and understanding dynamics that affect the mentoring process. Listen to gain […]