Cultural Super Powers Defined

Cultural Super Powers Defined

Americans have been fascinated with superheroes for decades simply because they appear to bring hope, justice and comfort. They are historically overcomers. They are the ones who can whisk into a situation that is out of control and win! We all love winners. So, what is the correlation between superheroes and organizational development?  As we […]

Some Businesses Are Thriving During COVID. This Is One Reason Why.


Courage is a leadership trait that is developed over time. It’s more than just the absence of fear. It is more about the persistence, patience, and purpose of working through difficult and painful situations while leading your team to success in the midst of it all. These challenges are opportunities to “Lead Well and Lead Wise” because […]

Leading Courageously Leading Collaboratively

Leading Courageously Truth

Courageously Organizational change is a huge undertaking for leaders today. I have been there (in the midst of a merger) and I can admit now I was terrified. Terrified that the message of change would create more fear, division, more frustration and I would stand alone with little or no support. So how do we […]