Inspirational Keynote Speaker and a Leadership
Coach, Elaine Robinson Beattie

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"Elaine is an extraordinary speaker and motivator."
Cynthia Reese
Director of CIN Operations at Mission Health Partners
Master storyteller

Learn from a Leadership Expert

Elaine Robinson Beattie is a keynote speaker and is best known as an effective presenter and facilitator, always with a focus on diversity and inclusion, solid solutions, and igniting individual superpowers.

Expect to walk away from her keynote with inspiration, practical strategies and a highly motivated team!

"Excellent speaker and coach."
Ed Cody
Founder and CEO of UNIQSA

Speaking Topics

All presentations can be a 45 minutes keynote or 1 to 3-hour workshop presentation

Dancing Your Way Into Leadership!

10 leadership lessons inspired from the dance floor

Who: Audience of all ages

Topic: Leadership development, diversity, and inclusion

Benefits: Team building, building intergenerational leadership, increased collaboration, building trust, empowerment

Are You Leading Courageously or Carefully?

The answer is both! When is the time to be courageous and when is it time to be careful?

Who: Supervisors, middle management, and executive

Topic: Leadership development, small business development, diversity and inclusion

Benefits: Increased innovation, building trust, empowering teams, authentic communication


What Do You Do With Recovering Leaders?

Leaders fear, leaders fail, leaders fall, how do you recover and move forward and how do you retain leaders.

Who: College students, supervisor’s middle management, execs

Topic: Trust building, team building, recovery, restructuring organizations

Benefits: Team building, management retention, increased employee engagement commitment saving on recruitment, professional development

Leaders Who Surrender Win

What must we let go of to win and succeed

Who: College and up

Topic: Leadership Development

Benefits: Clear priorities, better time management, increased efficiency

Ladies Locker-Room Talk: Launching Into Leadership

5 Career Killing Mistakes You Must Avoid.

Who:  College age, women in leadership

Topic: Leadership development, career advancement diversity and inclusion

Benefits: Team building, trust building, employee retention, empowerment

"Elaine Robinson Beattie is a talented and highly qualified speaker, trainer, and coach. She has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgeable on a variety of topics. I would highly recommend Ms. Beattie. "
James E. Lee III, MBA
CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Cedar Valley

Empower supervisors, middle management, and executives to be more effective leaders

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