Some Businesses Are Thriving During COVID. This Is One Reason Why.


Courage is a leadership trait that is developed over time. It’s more than just the absence of fear. It is more about the persistence, patience, and purpose of working through difficult and painful situations while leading your team to success in the midst of it all. These challenges are opportunities to “Lead Well and Lead Wise” because the face of leadership must be willing to adapt to circumstances while also serving as a praise-worthy example of perseverance and initiative. Courage is not easy to attain. You cannot receive the title of a ‘great leader’ without first proving your character during the hard times.

The COVID-19 situation has surely been an eye-opener for many of us. This is one of those times when the way we handle the unforeseen circumstances will tell more about who we are as not only leaders, but people (more than almost anything else we have done up until this point). A great leader must be great in both times of comfort and times of trial.

Many businesses are failing during this time because their leaders were not mature enough to handle a time of stress. When things were going well, they only seemed like great leaders. Not because they actually were but because the company itself was thriving. The consequences of these gaps in development trickle down to affect the productivity of every company member.

Nevertheless, there are many that have seen success in these times. What makes them different?

It’s their ability to “Lead Well and Lead Wise”. Furthermore, these trailblazers make sure that everyone on their team has some sort of obligation to demonstrate effective leadership. So here is the key: We must lead differently. I encourage you to take the time to promote mentorship and development opportunities. 50% of the workforce is composed of Millennials. These young professionals will be moving into senior positions within the next 5 to 10 years. They are introducing innovation and streamlined upward mobility in ways that we have never seen before.  With that being said, we must prepare these bold hearts to go about their goals in a way that values the core tenets of true leadership.

We must be intentional, thoughtful, and courageous about our leadership succession planning.

Remote working is no excuse to cease leadership mentorship and development efforts. In fact, this is a time where we MUST push into those efforts with more urgency than ever before. COVID might not last forever, but its impact is likely to last for decades to come. Likewise, what young professionals learn now in these unprecedented times will equip them for great and courageous leadership in the future. Why? Because they have been empowered with the necessary tools to demonstrate powerful leadership in times of trial.

Meet with me today to discuss the Lead Well Leadership and Management Training program designed to help new leaders and managers entering into new executive positions to “Lead Well and Lead Wise.” After the complimentary call, you will know if you or someone you know is ready for leadership and management training. I promise you will not get a sales pitch. It’s an opportunity to explore where you are in your career, goals, and skills. Set your company up for success no matter what by making sure it is always equipped with courageous leaders.


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