Lead(H)er Talks Podcast Ep.10: Leading Up

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Join us for a special episode of Lead(H)er Talks focused on Leading Up. Rev Dr Shannon and Coach Elaine will discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise when leading those in higher positions or with more authority. We’ll explore strategies for effectively communicating with leaders, building trust, and leading from behind. We will share their personal experiences and offer actionable tips for working with and leading up to achieving success in any organization. Tune in for this insightful conversation about how to successfully lead up and drive positive change from within!

Some notes about this episode:

Leading up….
Leave your assumptions at the door.
Hone your delivery for communication that comes through loud-and-clear.
Boost your chances of hearing ‘yes’ to your ask.
Get comfortable with feedback (on both sides of the table)
Set the tone in your 1:1s.
Share your impact the right way.
Know your boss
How you can help them? – Be a servant.

Books: The Servant as Leader and Give and Take – Adam Grant;

Videos: Gravitas Ted Talk

Get your $tuff done.



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