Lead(H)er Talks Podcast Ep.5: Bragging vs Self-promotion

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In this episode of Lead(H)er Talks, Rev Dr Shannon E Karafanda and Coach Elaine Robinson Beattie discuss the difference between bragging and self-promotion.

They talk about how to ensure that self-promotion is done in an authentic and meaningful way.

They also offer insights on how to make sure that you are seen as a leader, without bragging about your accomplishments.

Bragging vs self-promotion

  1. Make sure it’s true
  2. Know yourself – what is your intention, how are you wired, what are your strengths, weaknesses
  3. Promote others – this increases your brand identity and never never never put others down; you can disagree with an idea but don’t negate a person; they are created and beloved by God!
  4. Receive compliments
  5. Keep learning
  6. Tell stories. This involves others and allows the hearer/reader to see themself in the narrative instead of spotlighting you

Tune in for tips and strategies on how to use self-promotion without feeling like you’re puffing yourself up!



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