*All presentations can be a 45 minutes keynote or 1 to 3-hour workshop presentation

Dancing Your Way Into Leadership!

This presentation, designed for audiences of all ages, utilizes 10 lessons inspired from the dance floor to teach people how to lead effectively. This talk focuses on diversity, inclusion, and leadership development while stilling holding the attention of any audience member. You can expect to walk away from this keynote with improved team building skills and increased collaboration and empowerment.

Are You Leading Courageously or Carefully?

The answer is both! But the real question is when is the time to be courageous and when is it time to be careful? Elaine relies on more than fourteen years of leadership coaching experience and thirty years in corporate leadership to empower supervisors, middle management and executives to be more effective leaders. With a focus on small business development, this speech helps business leaders work through critical moments in the business lifecycle.

What Do You Do With Recovering Leaders?

Leaders fear, leaders fail, leaders fall, how do you recover and move forward? This keynote speech is applicable to a wide range of audiences because the truth is, at some point, we’ll all stumble. When the inevitable stumble occurs, Elaine outlines the steps to recovering, restructuring, and rebuilding your team. Through this keynote, business leaders learn how to retain talent and increase employee engagement while overcoming a leadership set-back.

Leaders Who Surrender Win

What must we let go of to win and succeed? Elaine explores this, and other tough questions, in this leadership development keynote. Audience are sure to leave with an improved ability to set clear priorities, improve time management, and increase efficiency.

Ladies Locker-Room Talk: Launching Into Leadership

With 30 plus years in corporate leadership, Elaine explains the five career-killing mistakes you must avoid. This presentation is a must hear for female undergraduates and young professionals looking to launch a career in business. It will also empower your female employees to overcome any hurdle.

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