Elaine offers three business coaching programs:

Annual Programs


This program is for the person who is determined to make revolutionary lifestyle changes.  This is a sure-fire way to excel at achieving your goals, and making your visions and dreams a reality.  This is not only a great commitment of money but of time as well.  It requires complete focus and personal dedication.  This is truly for the achiever or those ready for the fast track.  Procrastinators need not apply!

The program begins with a 1-hour initial consultation and DISC assessment.  Gifts, talents, and skills assessments are administered and interpreted annually.  Your coaching sessions are conducted by telephone for 45 minutes weekly, 3 times per month for 45 weeks.  You will also have priority access to your coach and guaranteed 4-hour response time for crisis management.  On-going e-mail communication is encouraged and found to be vital in keeping focused.  Admission to 2 coaching workshops, retreats or teleclasses given by Empowerment! Consulting Int’l is included as our gift of appreciation to you, a valued client.

Targeted Programs


Choose the area that you wish to focus on and be assured of making great strides.  These are personally designed for you.  They begin with a personal and professional assessment and an in-depth interpretation, setting the foundation for a plan of action over the course of the program of your choice.  Goals, action plans, and accountability are the keys to achieving desired results.

Extreme Self-Care | 12-weeks                    

Have you neglected yourself, taking care of everyone but you?

Lacking balance?  Let’s get you back on track.

Burnout/Stress Reduction | 12-weeks                    

Are you lacking energy, nervous, needing a sabbatical or rest?

Let us help you manage and organize time, home, or office space. 

Strategic /Life Planning | 12-weeks                    

Do you have realistic achievable goals?

We are experts at planning and keeping you on track.

Leadership Development | 24-weeks                    

Born to lead?  Missing a mentor?  Hire a coach.

We support the best and brightest!

Weekly 45-minute sessions are conducted 3 times per month by phone with on-going e-mail support. All programs are personally designed and developed to meet your specific needs.  Pre-payment is expected.  The fee is non-refundable.  Missed sessions will not be rescheduled unless canceled 24 hours in advance.  Results are guaranteed when the client has completed action items and assignments as agreed upon with the coach.

On-Demand Programs


This is tailored for immediate short-term solutions.  It’s a quick fix for assistance when confronted with a stressful or critical state of affairs.  This option works best for the cost-conscious.  Coaching is a proactive measure so be careful not to short-change yourself.  Sessions are scheduled in advance on an as-needed basis. 

2 – 30-minute sessions per month                                       

3 – 45-minute sessions per month                                       

4- 45-minute sessions per month                                       

  • All potential clients are scheduled for a complimentary ½- hour exploratory interview.
  • Coaching is conducted by telephone (in most cases).
  • The client calls the coach at the agreed upon time.
  • All fees are paid in advance of coaching.
  • Sessions must be canceled 24 hours prior to the session, and be rescheduled.